Tooth Extractions In Gillette

If you're having discomfort or pain from a diseased or damaged tooth and you think you may need to have your tooth pulled, call us now for a dental exam.
Tooth Extraction Process
If it turns out that you do need an extraction , we'll describe the tooth extraction process as well as what you can expect afterwords.  We'll keep you comfortable during the process.  We even offer IV Sedation - the only practice in Campbell County to do so - to keep you relaxed during the process.
Post Extraction
After your dental extraction , we'll let you know how to take care of your mouth to promote healing.
Tooth Replacement Options
A missing tooth can cause some complications.  You'll obviously have loss of chewing and biting where that tooth used to be.  An extraction can also cause teeth to move towards the extraction area causing further dental problems.  There are also obviously some cosmetic issues - especially if problem of a missing tooth is clearly visible to others.
Dental implants are a highly effective way to get the look, feel and function back after a tooth extraction .  We'll go over this and other options to restore your smile and the function of your teeth.